A Moonlit Howl

Many worlds, Many lives.

Hello all still active. Due to a long lack of activity, I believe it's safe to say we are half dead. But do not fear, we can still roleplay. In fact, I will be starting a skype group (details below) where we will talk about other ways to expand AMH.

My personal opinion, would be to joining feralheart. A 3D lion and wolf oriented game that is just the bees knees! Though registration doesn't come often, if you stay with me on the skype group, you'll have an account in no time!

Another game I suggest is lioden. I know of course it's not a roleplay steered game, it's fun. (And you can still roleplay, it's amazing)

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FeralHeart: http://www.feral-heart.com/

Lioden: http://www.lioden.com/

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Welcome to A Moonlit Howl! (AMH) Where the world has magic at every corner! Even the bird and the bees (and the cats) Are magical. We just recently added humans and other magical animals into A Moonlit Howl, so have fun, and don't forget about those rules! 

Rune Pack

One day, a wonderer was adventuring around when he came apron a pack called Rune Pack. At first the traveler was frightened but then they treated him with the same kindness of his own pack. The wanderer never left Rune pack. Overtime the Rune pack grew on the adventurer, giving him a name that meant what exactly he was. His Name was Horo-sha, this name meaning Wanderer. The Alpha`s name was Senshi. Her name meaning Warrior. The heritage of this pack was different, they still looked to the spirits of the moon for help, but the believed in several great gods. These gods being Dragons or even wolves. Most of the pack members looked up to these gods for even more help, and mostly… love for the world. They created a system of giving, a way to give to the great gods. One day Horo-sha and the alpha, Senshi went to go do this. They went to a alter, around 20 miles away from the pack itself. When they got there, two guards appeared. One with the essence of blue, the other of red. The one with the essence of blue was named Yoi, his name meaning Good. The one with the red essence was named Waru, his name meaning evil. The guards kept the balance of the world around them. The gate was opened when Senshi showed who she was. They walked through the gate. But the two never came back out… Some say that the gods were displeased with their offering, so they took the lives of the wolves instead. The Rune pack still remains. Waiting silently and sitting Vigal for their lovely warriors to return home.

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Luna falling

By: A Bunneh! >,<

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